20/20 Insights Partner Program


A strategy & performance management solution for executive coaches, leadership teams and businesses of any size



The Partner Program

Insights has created a Partner Program to ensure organizations have support on the path to high performance. The Partner Program gives resellers the tools, knowledge, best-practice and support they need to implement the Insights system and to ensure client success.

While Insights has been designed by HR leaders to be delightfully simple to use, organizations frequently need help achieving alignment. This might include the consultancy required to refine the vision, values and initiatives, craft the organizational structure, then define employee responsibilities and goals. It might be change management to bring about a performance culture. It could be executive coaching for senior management to commit to goals in a visible way, or it might be operational consulting to ensure execution is on strategy.



Our Partnership includes:

  • In-depth training and induction about the Insights system

  • Access to the Insights demo environment

  • Online and phone support for customer questions about the system

  • Tiered discount pricing model for major installations

  • Pre-and post-sales support, including provision of sales materials

  • Marketing support, including presence at key trade shows

  • VIP access to product development priorities and beta features

  • Dedicated Insights account manager



Become an Insights Partner:

Insights partners come from a variety of backgrounds including:

  • Management consultants

  • HR consultants

  • M&A advisors and investment banks

  • Venture capital firms

  • Executive coaching firms, such as Gazelles or Action Coaching

  • System Integrators

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