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Calling all Leaders and CEO’s – What’s in your summer toolkit?

July is also re-set month. Take the time to review what worked in the first half of the year – and what didn’t. Make sure your plans for Q3 will deliver predictable results. In order to maximize the effects of all of your resources, use them!

Take the time this month to do your 10-point mid-year maintenance check. I’m happy to send it to you or visit us to download a copy. 

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Calling All CEO’s – What’s in your Coaching Toolkit?

Coaching is a must-have management skill. It begins with interactions at the executive level. Top companies invest in teaching their leaders how to be coaches. The investment reaps rewards throughout the organization.

In my consulting work, I often start meetings by asking about a recent success: “tell me a story about a coworker doing something great this week. Tell me a story about an employee living up to your core values.”

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Calling all CEO’s: Building Trust and Courage Inside Your Organization

Trust and courage intertwine, Gabriela Buich tells me. In her business coaching she builds on personal truth and human interaction, getting to the root causes of defensive behavior and making small changes that improve performance. People are what accelerate business, after all – and just as you’d optimize machinery or a workflow process, you can optimize how people think, behave and interact.

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Good People, Strong Values and the Power of Ownership

I love what Lester Thornhill is doing as CEO of Life’s Abundance, a rapidly growing premium wellness company with focus on consumable products for families, including pets. Our own business is focused on transparency and connection to core values, and we love to tell stories of companies that are doing those things well.

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Kirsti Tcherkoyan has been named one of the 2018 Enterprising Women of the Year!

Options4Growth is excited to announce Kirsti Tcherkoyan, CEO and Co-Founder, has been named one of the 2018 Enterprising Women of the Year. This annual tribute to the world’s top women entrepreneurs, the prestigious Enterprising Women of the Year Award is given to women who have fast-growing business, mentor and support other women and girls in entrepreneurship, and are leaders in their communities.

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