Insights is a strategy and performance management platform

offering an all-in-one solution for purpose driven companies


Create an employee performance management strategy

that’s right for your organization




Align everyone to your strategic initiatives


Goal Setting +


Learn how to set SMART goals & track their progress



Culture +


Create a culture where values are at the core of your performance conversations

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On-going 1:1


With 1:1’s, communication is ongoing, timely, and constructive

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Real-time Reporting

With real-time reporting, you get Insights into business and employee trends

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360° Feedback

Ask for feedback from anyone in your organization

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Seamless Integrations



Complement your existing HRIS/HCM system

  • Integrate with your Outlook, iCal or Gmail calendar

  • Build custom applications with Insights API

*Insights is not affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by Microsoft, Google, Mailchimp, Paycom, UltiPro, Slack


Implementation made simple



Customization to fit your needs

  • Single Sign On

  • HRIS Data Feed integration

  • Integration with other systems you use

  • Permissions set up (specific for various roles)