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Designed for Purpose Driven Companies


Insights aligns business growth strategies with

people and purpose

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Key Features

  • Ongoing Conversations

  • Praise & Recognition

  • Real-time Reporting

  • Transparency and Alignment

  • Monthly 1:1’s

  • Goal Setting and Tracking

  • My 360 Feedback

  • Self and Peer-Appraisals


I have been using Insights to initiate and track goal progress with my staff for quarterly check-ins. The tool has been invaluable as it provides transparency at all levels and access to a shared vision at both an individual and team level. Insights makes it easy to initiate the quarterly check-in process. But what makes Insights different is that it has built in reminders for meetings and, most importantly clear starting points and a framework for the feedback conversation.
— Adriana Martins, Group Manager, Adobe